Adam Nogueira Hadar


picture of the guy
A picture of the guy.

Hi, I'm Adam Nogueira Hadar; a 26-year-old 5'10" male, living in the United States of America, with brown/black hairFig. 1.

I'm currently located in sunny San Francisco, where I work as a software developer at a startup called Fieldwire. Before that, I graduated from Columbia University, where I attained a B.S. in Computer Science.

While I was in school I tracked in vision/graphics - doing a lot of geometry processing, OpenGL, computer vision, sorts of things. On the flipside of all that technical drudgery, I also basically got a minor in film - and so most days you can probably find me either hiding at home watching something on Filmstruck the Criterion Channel, or, if you're quick enough, catch me outside as I foray to a theater with my MoviePass hard-earned dollarsge for grubs in the quarantine wasteland.

Beyond that, I like to occupy my time with various books, video games, and "life-long learning." Anything really, but I particularly enjoy the artsy, walking-simulatory, graphics/viz sorts of things.


I like to stay creative outside of work, and so I've dabbled in a variety of fields/media. You can visit for a complete list, but if you want a sampling here are some I'm proud of:


I also keep a sporadic tech/arts blog - you can visit the full post index, but here are my most recent posts: