Adam Nogueira Hadar


picture of the guy
A picture of the guy.
Hi, I'm Adam Nogueira Hadar; a 24-year-old 5'10" male, living in the United States of America, with brown/black hairFig. 1.

I've just graduated (May 2017) from Columbia University as an undergraduate, where I attained a B.S. in Computer Sciences.

My professional interest lie mainly in the vision/graphics sector of CS. to wit, I have taken courses such as Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, or User Interface Desing (among others) that have furthered my knowledge in the field. Internship experience at CUIT, Applied Materials, and the Brazil Hope Foundation have provided both application to that theoretical knowledge, and work experience in large-scale software teams and independent programming alike.

My non-professional interests and hobbies are many and varied -- I'm what you'd call a cine-phile; I enjoy listening and playing music (proficient with piano and guitar, flute much less so); and I like reading books (fancy-pants stuff).